2 friends and the coast to coast walk

3 years! by gleavem
May 9, 2013, 3:08 pm
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Gosh…no posts for 3 years?!  What a poor, neglected blog this is (I’m not sure you can still call it a blog after 3 years of inactivity!).  We have walked in the past 3 years, though no major LDPs or big adventures. 
Our next adventure will be walking with dogs – two delightful chocolate labs we have inherited from my lovely mother-in-law.  They’ve not done much “proper” walking, so it will be interesting to see if they can keep up (ha!).  I can’t of course promise that we’ll write anything about that on here…


Yorkshire 3 Peaks by theshed
April 11, 2010, 7:50 pm
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[blip.tv ?posts_id=3462256&dest=68163]

A little video montage of the Yorkshire 3 Peaks walk we did over Easter weekend 2010

I wonder…. by gleavem
January 18, 2010, 2:02 pm
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…if anyone still reads this poor, long-neglected blog, or if it’s still in anyones RSS feed!? 

If so,  hello!

I’ve been looking for a new years resolution, so perhaps mine should be to resurrect this blog… we’ve got plenty of walking plans for 2010 and I noticed there’s still a draft post about the 3 peaks hanging around in the background!

Yes, I think I will make this blog my new years resolution, so if anyone’s still reading, you can hold me to that!

Happy New Year!

Helvellyn, Scafell Pike and Burnmoor Tarn by gleavem
July 1, 2009, 10:24 pm
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Just a few words about the other walks we did whilst we were in the lakes…

With Dan and Hat we attempted Helvellyn; it was quite a windy day so we chose to avoid striding edge and opted for the swirral edge approach.  We started from Glenridding, heading to the Grisdale valley we started the steady ascent up to the hole in the wall.  After lunch in a relatively sheltered spot, we aimed west to red tarn; what a magical place that seemed…such a large yet peaceful tarn set against the dramatic backdrop of the Helvellyn summit was quite a sight.  Despite the increasing wind we continued to swirral edge and began our ascent to the summit.  But as the wind increased, the path (though it was mostly scrambling at this point) became less and less clear and eventually we lost confidence.  We turned back approximately 50m from the top, but were not disappointed for long as the weather soon closed in and we spent most of the return leg to Glenridding battered by wind and rain….a summit for a nicer day, we decided!

Helvellyn from the Hole in the Wall
Sid at Red Tarn

Dan, his brownie and Ullswater

A few days later we tackled Scafell Pike in preparation for our 3 peaks challenge.  As we were camping at Wasdale Head it didn’t take us long to get to what would likely be our starting point on the 3 peaks.  We knew it would be quite a steep climb from the OS map, but I think the sheer relentlessness of the ascent took us by surprise.  Basically we just walked up and up and up, on stony paths, slippy paths, rocky paths…  I must say it’s not the most inspiring peak I’ve ever climbed, although perhaps there are better approaches, but we did manage to glimpse some good views on the way up, and enjoyed a brief, chilly lunch at the summit.  We managed the ascent in 2 hours, and descent in 1.5, which made us feel good about the 3 peaks.  Still, it was a little daunting to think that the next time we’d be here would be at 4am in June!

View across the lakes from Scafell Pike
Shell at highest point in England

After the more strenuous walks of the preceding week, we opted to finish our holiday with a gentler stroll around Burnmoor tarn; no steep ascents, no scrambling, no freaky weather!  This would have been a lovely walk from Wasdale campsite but the ground for much of the way was exceedingly boggy, which somewhat impeded on our enjoyment of the nice scenery and weather.  We’d almost forgotten the frustration of walking through such marshy bogs and almost turned back, but we persevered and eventually enjoyed our lunch on a little bridge by the tarn.  The marshy conditions underfoot continued as we circled the tarn, taking in the mysterious Burnmoor lodge (so isolated!) and returned to Wasdale.  Not the best walk we’ve ever done, but not the worst either.

View to Burnmoor Lodge
Burnmoor tarn - lunch spot

Patterdale (Glenridding) to Grasmere (and back!) by gleavem
June 11, 2009, 8:47 pm
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You may remember that on our C2C crossing last August we missed out the section between Grasmere and Patterdale as we arrived too late in Grasmere thanks to a particularly tough trip from Stonethwaite.  From our campsite in Glenridding we donned our boots & waterproofs and headed down the road to Patterdale to find our entry point into the Grisedale valley.  The weather wasn’t fantastic…

Sid at the gate - on the way to Grasmere

but we’ve grown used to walking in wind & rain and were hopeful it might improve, so carried on regardless.  We walked along the south side of the valley, in the opposite direction to how we would have been walking back in August.  It’s a nice valley walk, with interesting peaks all around; Helvellyn, St Sunday & Dollywagon Pike.  In the first hour or so we saw only one other walker, a solitary gentleman in orange, who assured us it was wet, windy & miserable up ahead.  In time we reached the climbing hut (all shut up) and perched on the door step to rest, admire the view & nibble on a pork pie…Sid enjoying a snack at the hut

As we began the ascent to Grisedale tarn the wind really started to pick up, as did the number of coast-to-coasters!  Judging by the time of day they had started from Grasmere rather than Stonethwaite (probably a wise move).  We also re-encountered the wind fairies (Canadian C2C-ers we met in the wind near Blacksail) and were all nearly blown off a rock by the gusts coming over the pass.  After a rather soggy section around the tarn, we were quite happy to see the good path descending from Hause gap.  We had intended to branch off on the path down Little Tongue, but distractions (good path, waterfall & lunch stop) meant we missed the path & so we simply carried on down the valley above Tongue Gill to Grasmere.

Windy tarn

We had decided to see if we could have a little adventure on Lake District buses for the return leg to Glenridding, so finding bus timetables was our first priority when we arrived in Grasmere.  As we’d found previously it’s virtually impossible to get public transport from Grasmere to Patterdale, so we opted for returning on foot.  We’d also pondered doing St Sunday crag, but to be honest we weren’t sure if we’d suddenly flag on the way back, or the weather might worsen again, so we chose the low route to be safe.  We stocked up on food (a lovely scone & hot drink in Grasmere plus a cake for the journey), adjusted our waterproofs and headed out for our journey home.  We were soon stripping off jackets & fleeces as the sun came out and we got very warm heading back up to Grisedale tarn.  The climb back up was pretty tough and we were putting down quite a pace as we didn’t want to get back to the tent too late, but it soon got easier and happily the wind had calmed so we had a thoroughly delightful walk back. We opted for the north side of the valley on the return trip and had pretty much only sheep and lambs for company all the way!  It felt quite different walking in the late afternoon sunshine and we were both really pleased we’d walked back; we also felt that by doing it twice we were paying our penance for not doing it on the C2C!  Instead of heading home the way we’d come (via the road) we turned north and climbed up to Lanty’s Tarn; what a beautiful site it was, incredibly tranquil and unlike any other tarn we’ve encountered.

Lanty's tarn 1

Back at the tent we tucked in to our emergency rations (cakes form Grasmere), freshened up and headed to Pooley Bridge for tea.  We’d been looking forward to fish and chips, but had to settle for a very sleepy dinner in the pub.

Off to the wonderful wonderful Lake District by gleavem
May 14, 2009, 9:53 pm
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We’re off to the Lakes tomorrow for a week packed with walks, so expect lots of posts once we return. Our plans include Scafell, Helvellyn, Dale Head, Patterdale-Grasmere and a wander around Black Sail & Honister Pass…time will etll which we achieve! Finger crossed for wonderful weather please (we’re camping!)!

Putting the boots back on…at last! by gleavem
May 9, 2009, 8:06 am
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This bank holiday Monday we finally managed to dust off our walking gear and stretch our legs.  We didn’t stray far from home; just over to Thornden and West Blean woods near Canterbury, parking at Gypsy corner.  It was a fairly flat, but pleasant walk through the woodland (a short stretch across fields) enjoying the many bluebells and nice weather.  The surroundings were a bit mixed at times, as there were large expanses of deforestation which looked a bit like the end of the world! Despite this is was an enjoyable walk in the sunshine.

Bluebells 2

Since the 3-peaks is just over a month away it was comforting to find that our boots still felt comfy and familiar, and we had no trouble covering the 7 or so miles in a little figure of 8.  We might try to getout on our bikes for a change this weekend, before a much-anticipated week in the Lake District – hooray!