2 friends and the coast to coast walk


It’s March 3rd 2009 and I’m finally updating our about page.

This blog started off as 6 friends and the coast to coast walk but gradually it dropped to 2.  Originally the friends were Tracey and Rob Honeyball, Andrew Winter, Thalia Barber, Daniel Siddle (Me) and Michelle Gleave.  The plan was to walk as a group from St Bees to Robin Hoods Bay following the Wainwright Coast to Coast route.  Once the planning started for various reasons people dropped out and it became just 2 friends, Michelle and myself.  We’re all still friends but we just didn’t manage to walk together.

If you’ve been reading the site you’ll probably realise that Michelle and I are more than friends.  We’ve been together for about 6 years, have bought a house together and done plenty of other stuff as well as walk together.

We finished the Coast to Coast pretty succesfully, made some good friends and experienced a great two weeks.  Now that that’s over this blog has switched into us just to rambling (no pun intended) on about walking and various other outdoor pursuits.

Our next challenge is coming up at the end of June when we’ll be attempting the National Three Peaks Challenge with a good set of friends.  I can’t wait to sit on ben Nevis with a bunch of mates and know that there’s no-one higher in Britain.

Anyway, hope you enjoy the blog, we enjoy writing it.  Oh and don’t be afraid to say hi.


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