2 friends and the coast to coast walk

Heading Home by gleavem
November 13, 2008, 9:49 pm
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We awoke to the most beautiful morning, rather ironic after the miserable fog of yesterday, but much appreciated as it certainly lifted our spirits, which could otherwise have been a little deflated upon realising that our adventure was over.

Lovely View
We did have one last little bit of excitement; our neighbours at the B&B did a runner!  We felt really sorry for Jayne, she was a lovely host and didn’t deserve to be duped out of two nights’ payment.  Despite this commotion we enjoyed a great breakfast, chatted with some other walkers and then headed out for a mooch around Robin Hood’s Bay in the SUN!  Our new found hobby of bench counting was easily continued, as RHB is practically bursting at the seams with them (those at the top of the mega hill being the most popular).  Sid’s sister Amy was kind enough to pick us up, so we treated her to a cheese toasty before she drove us back to our little car (we’re too kind!).

After a little lunch we got in the car and drove the 300+ miles home; driving was strange and covering more miles in a matter of hours than we’d covered in two weeks on foot was even stranger! Even though we’d walked 20 miles just the day before, we would both gladly have stopped the car and walked 20 more and couldn’t believe it was really over.  We stopped at Bluewater, walked around a bit (for a change), but bought nothing! Before we knew it we were home, sleeping in our own beds and back at work.

Chilling at RHB

So it’s finally over.  We’d do it again at a drop of a hat, and really can’t recommend it highly enough.


The End


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Simply a wonderful blog!

From someone who inspires to create a nice blog on the same topic.


Comment by Manoj Sugathan

Hi Manoj,

Thanks. Good luck on your walk I’m sure you’ll love it. I’ll be keeping an eye on your blog to see how you’re getting on.


Comment by theshed

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