2 friends and the coast to coast walk

Reeth to Richmond by gleavem
October 6, 2008, 9:21 pm
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Leaving Reeth on sepia day to mask the weather

After a good nights sleep, the day started with breakfast in the bookshop; a very novel experience.  We had a lovely chat with Liz before we set off towards Marrick.  We rejoined the Swale for a bit and although the weather was a bit miserable it was a rather nice walk.  Disappointingly, its no longer possible to go anywhere near Marrick PriorDown by the Swale 2y, but the path up through Steps Wood (Nun’s Causey) makes up for it.  A beautiful old stone path climbing up through the trees, its hard work but had an undeniable charm. We met a couple of lone walkers along the way; one chilled, determined bloke who was putting down some big days and another older chap who was meeting up with his wife at the end of each day. Skirting Applegarth Scar we then entered Whitcliffe Wood, emerging froCool path heading up and away from Marrick Priorym the wood we got our first view of Richmond. We’d put down a good  pace over the 11 relatively easy miles from Reeth to Richmond, and our walking was finished just 4 hours after we’d started.  Arriving in Richmond however, was rather a shock to our system; so many people, cars, shops and general hustle and bustle!  We had lunch in a little bistro with a miserable waitress after struggling to get a coke in a pub with a strange process for getting drinks.  However, things were soon on the up again as we found our B&B. What a little gem Willance House is!  Sandra made us feel very welcome in their delightful house, and even did some washing for us.  We we very excited to have a true choice of places to have dinner for once, and we opted for Thai.  It was busy (including confident Chris) and we thoroughly enjoyed the change of cuisine.  We headed back for some TV, unaware that the night was far from over…

An awesome surprise There we were quietly watching Secret Millionaire and contemplating bed, when there came a knock on the door…Sid opened it and I’m sure our jaws must have dropped ot the floor, for there stood Clare and Nathan!  I think it took me about 10 minutes to take it in, but eventually I pulled myself together enough to return to the pub for a couple to celebrate Nathan’s biirthday and the great surprise!  Turns out they were in cahoots with the B&B and staying there too!  We had a nice few bevvies in the pub and then headed home, looking  forward to the following day off even more.  Thanks Clare and Nathan for such a great surprise!


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You missed out the bit where Chris was unceremoniously booted out of the Thai by the very efficient waitress! The place was packed and there was only one woman serving. She wanted to turn the table and Chris was in the way so she essentially told us to shut up and told him to leave. Somehow she did it in a way that wasn’t that rude either!

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