2 friends and the coast to coast walk

Keld to Reeth by theshed
October 2, 2008, 8:19 pm
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The reason we went along the valley floorThe first decision of the day was made pretty quickly.  Was it to be the low route along the valley floor or the high route over the moor tops.  LOW ROUTE!

The weather was pretty bad, the cloud was down over the tops and we didn’t fancy getting lost.  The decision was also helped along by the fact that it was windy in the valley so God only knows what it would’ve been like on the top.

We followed the Swale all the way down to Gunnerside and I must say it was picture perfect despite the weather.  The valley just seems to envelop you like a big warm cuddly blanket, shame the weather wasn’t playing ball.  Along the way we saw hundreds of birds which we thought were grouse.  Not that sure they were but not to worry.

Despite being an absolutely lovely walk it was kind of a bit dull.  I’m not sure why but it just doesn’t seem that memorable.  One thing that does stick in my mind was the relentless pace that Michelle was putting down.  Maybe that’s why I can’t remember much, I was concentrating so hard on not tripping over as I semi-walked and semi-jogged along behind her.  During one part of the walk you head along the top of a really wide boundary wall with about 6 feet worth of drop on either side.  She didn’t even slow down then.  Neither did she slow down when we raced past the rabbit poachers.  The only point she did slow down was when she happened to step in dog dirt towards the end.  Just deserts if you ask me, I was knackered after all.

Actually, as I write, the more I remember the more I think I had a really miserable day.  Bloody squeeze stiles with spring-loaded ankle-snapping gates.  That’s it, I’m skipping to the end!

Heading into Reeth was pretty cool.  As we wandered down into the square there was a little fun fair on and a few market stalls dotted around.  A cup of tea was beckoning though so we headed to the Ivy Cottage over in the corner and grabbed some drinks and a couple of scones.

That night we stayed at The Old Temperance above the Christian Bookshop.  Liz was a great host but it was slightly odd that reception was in the bookshop.  Not quite as quirky as when we were eating brakfast in the bookshop the next day.  The B&B, although it wasn’t the best decorated in the world, was really nice.  It’s a little worrying when you read the newspaper clippings about how it’s burned down twice in the last 10-15 years but I’d recomend it.

Wrapped up with the shivversThat night, after I had a little knap all wrapped up in a blanket we headed out to The Buck Hotel for food.  As we wandered round the green we bumped into Chris again and had a little chat.  Then it was food.  We’d been craving stuff like pasta and rice so it was a god send when there was spicy pasta and a curry on the menu.  They we’re quickly polished off after some nice pate on toast.  Then it was back to the B&B to sit and watch the Wainwright DVD for a little while and look forward to a short walk into Richmond and a rest day.



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