2 friends and the coast to coast walk

Kirkby Stephen to Keld by gleavem
September 29, 2008, 7:11 pm
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Nine Standards

We thought today would be quite an easy day (just 12 miles) so didn’t set off until 9:30am.  Despite nice dry boots, things didn’t start too well as Sid’s ankle was giving him a lot of discomfort, but he soldiered on bravely as we climbed out of KS.  We’d heard from a couple we met on the ridge to Helm Crag the it was very boggy over Nine Standards, so we were braced for wet feet.  We were very pleasantly surprised to find that the ascent up Nine Standards was not too bad at all, with only a few swampy bits to cause us any trouble.  We got to Nine Standards and took a few pics, enjoying the great panoramic views…

Smiling before the bogs Eventually at Nine Standards

The quagmire began as we descended from the summit; our nice dry boots were soon back to their more familiar state and there was no respite.  The path meandered indistinctly around, through and between the swampy morass and consequently the going was rather slow.  We’d intended to take the route down via Whitsundale, but never found that path and so were forced to continue over White Mossy Hill.  We passed the two Irish ladies we’d first met in Patterdale; they’d stopped in the shelter of a large pile of rocks for a rest and an orange.  We continued through the bogs…

The start of the bogs

The peaty mire really started to get me down after a while; I may even have started shouting at the mud at one stage!  It was a massive relief when we eventually reached a track, but the break was short lived and it was soon back to the familiar watery paths!  Raven Seat was like an oasis and we were soooooooooooo glad to share a bench with some other walkers and enjoy our lunch!

Chilling at a cool tea shop Looking back from Raven Seat Looking back to Raven Seat

The pies we’d picked up in KS turned out to be GORGEOUS, and chiling out by the beck in the sunshine, with the dogs, horses and kids was just the restorative tonic we needed.  The rest of the walk into Keld was a significant improvement, and our first experience of Swaledale was a great one.  We joined the Swale and continued to follow its course into Keld.  We arrived at the infamous Butt House, but Doreen and Ernest retired earlier this year and it has now been taken over by members of the same family running Keld Lodge (I think).  However, our greeting was warm and welcoming and the room fresh and comfortable.  After a shower we had a little stroll around Keld, found a birthday card for Nathan, and had a quick drink in the lodge before retuning to Butt House for our tea.  We were the only people staying that night, so we had the whole place to ourselves. Dinner was generous and delicious, and I think the combination of a glass of wine and the ahrd trip off Nine Standards made me very sleepy, and I was nearly falling asleep at 7:30!! Another memorable day!


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You forgot the bit where my leg disappeared down to the knee in a massive hole while I was walking down a seemingly solid path. It was weird.

Turned out to be a great walk but it’s a real shame to see the peat around Nine Standards just slipping away.

I think Ravenseat was probably our best lunch spot. Kidsty Pike was good too but I think Ravenseat just pips it.

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