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Rest Day in Kirkby Stephen by theshed
September 23, 2008, 9:08 pm
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After plenty of early mornings it was lovely to be woken up by the doorbell ringing just after 8am. Michelle woke up slightly annoyed wondering why someone was ringing the bell so early in the morning but it turned out that it was just the room was so dark because the curtains were so thick.

So began our rest day in Kirkby Stephen.

The plan was to, well…rest.  We had it all worked out.  Breakfast followed by chilling out, followed by mooching around, followed by chilling out, followed by lunch, followed by chilling out etc etc, you get the message.  Actually the plan was a little more than that.  We needed to wash some clothes since our bags were stinking from the sweaty socks that were in them and we’d arranged to meet my dad and Liz for lunch in The Mulberry Bush coffee shop.  Other than that it was a free day.

Doing our washingSo we had out breakfast, got showered and put clothes on that weren’t walking clothes.  It was weird to put non-boots on but it felt good after 5 days of slightly soggy footwear.  First plan was to get our washing in the washing machines.  Luckily the launderette was just round the corner from our B&B, near the post office, so it was fairly easy to find.  We chucked in the clothes, set the machine going, took our bag back to the B&B and set off for mooch number one.  We didn’t go far, just quickly round the high street, picked up some postcards and then to a fantastic little deli that is in an old church in the high street.  We picked up some awesome pies for the walk the next day.  Then it was back to the laundrette, into the drier with the clothes and I sat around waiting for them to finish while Michelle chatted to her folks on the phone.  Typical woman, letting the man do all the work!

Once that was done we chilled a little bit more and then grabbed lunch with dad and Liz.  We ended up in The Mulberry bush, which is what we’d first wanted, after we’d traipsed round a few other cafes.  It was a lovely little place and we were planning on going back for dinner but we found it closed later.  After a bit more chatting we waved bye to dad and Liz and went for mooch number two.

I can’t really remember what we did but it included a trip down to Franks Bridge for a bit of stone throwing and then a bit of a wander round the church.  Well worth it just to see the Loki stone.

That evening we ended up just having fish and chips from one of the many chips shops in Kirkby Stephen.  We didn’t wander down far enough to go to the one Wainwright went to but they were very good fish and chips.  After that we simply headed back and read our books a little in the lounge of Fletcher House before we retired to bed ready to start walking again.  All in all it was a lovely day spent in Kirkby Stephen and for those of you thinking about a rest day there then I’d say you’re onto a winnner.

Also, if you’ve got the choice of B&Bs still then opt for Fletcher House, they have foot spas in each room!

Foot Spa


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