2 friends and the coast to coast walk

The Evening Before the Walk by theshed
September 3, 2008, 8:51 pm
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So there we were with our bags stood on the side of the road waving goodbye to the car and family that had whisked us the distance in next to no time.  It was going to be a while until we travelled that fast again.

We turned round from the train station carpark and about 5 steps later were at the door of our B&B, Stonehouse Farm.  The B&B was a lovely introduction to what turned out to be great accomodation for the entire holiday.  I can’t remember the owner’s name but she was very nice.  She showed us our rooms and we headed upstairs to drop off our bags.  We chilled for a little while before heading out to explore St Bees.

I think a lot of people get a lift to St Bees and set off immediately so miss having a little poke around what is a lovely little village.  We checked out the pubs first, just to figure out where they were before we headed down to the beach.  Rather than do the usual rituals in the morning we took advantage of the nice weather and headed down the night before.

Irish Sea Sunset

This is what awaited us.  A gorgeous sun about to set.  We grabbed our pebbles and dipped them in the Irish Sea to get them ready for their journey, we dipped our feet and then took our shoes off and had a proper paddle, we meandered round the beach for a while and then we headed back to the pub to get fuelled up for the next day.

To be honest I thought the best part of the night was over but then while we sat eating we were eavesdropping on the best drunken bar conversation ever.  It started out with the guys putting the coal mining industry to rights, of course we were heavily subsidised too but we just couldn’t compete with Europe.  Oh and apparently the best place to bury radioactive waste is directly under London, or in a slab of granite because radiation can’t get through granite apparently.  I love listening to those conversations.  Everyone is so confident and sure they’re right.  Who am I to question them.

Anyway, after a little chuckle it was teeth brushing time and time for sleeps before the start of our journey.


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That’s a fabulous photo ! I could sit and watch a sunset like that until, well, until it set, in fact 🙂

Comment by Drew

Hmmm, does this post get my gravatar ?

Comment by Drew

I was quite chuffed with that photo too. Thank god we went down to the beach the night before otherwise the photos for St Bees would’ve been terrible.

Comment by Sid

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