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Our Journey So Far. by theshed
August 23, 2008, 8:47 am
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Hi All,

We’re now in Kirkby Stephen and we’re having a well earned rest day.  I think it’s 83 miles we’ve covered so far and we thought we should give you an abridged version of what we’ve been doing.  We’ll write up our journey with pictures and everything when we get back and have recovered.

So…so far here’s what we’ve done…

Started off in St. Bees on Monday, after meeting our Australia chums Wayne and Lyndly, and headed straight out over St Bees Head.  Luckily we dipped our toes in the Irish Sea the night before because when we set off it was raining cats and dogs.  That first walk was very very wet and boots were leaking in, unsurprisingly given the condition, within 20 mins.  There was some brilliant scenery but the best bit was looking out over what was to come, the Lake District.  We got into Low Cock How Farm to find the log burner on and a cottage to ourselves.  The boots never did dry properly though.

Setting off from Low Cock How we picked up a pasty for lunch from The Shephards Arms in Ennerdal Bridge.  From Ennerdal bridge we walked round the lake whcih is one of the best bits of walking we’ve done so far.  Then it was onwards to Black Sail Hut for a cuppa.  After black sail hut the adventure started.  As we walked into the clouds and completely lost our bearings.  There we’re 7 other folks who had done the same so we stuck together as a group and eventually found our way down, surprisingly to the spot where we should’ve been.  Got into Stonethwaite very tired.

Next day was Stonethwaite to Patterdale.  When we set off the going was tough, not the uphill bit but just the bogginess of the ground.  It ground our pace to a near halt.  So we ended up doing 8 miles in 6.5 hours and got into Grasmere about 3:30 pm.  Still with a long way to go and another very big climb ahead of us we thought for safety’s sake we should skip the last bit so we shared a taxi to Patterdale with our Aussie chums.  Very chilled stay in Gramsere but slightly annoyed we didn’t make the whole way.  We will be back!!!

Patterdale to Shap was a long slog, especially down Shap high street which must be the longest village in the world (25 mins from one end to the other!)  In the middle though we headed up and down Kidsty Pike which was a deffinite highlight.  If you look at our pic on arriving in Shap you can see Kidsty as the first peak to the right of the bus stop sign.  At 780m it’s just about our highest point on this walk.

Shap to Kirkby Stephen was good.  We set off from our absolutely brilliant B&B (thanks Margaret) and put down a fair old pace to Orton.  We didn’t see another soul on our walk and it turns out it’s because most people got the bus for the first bit.  Cheeky beggars!!  Up then down then Shetland ponies then sheep and eventually we are here, in Kirkby Stephen.

Now we are going to have a bit of a mooch and generally rest our weary bodies.  It should be a few easy days now until we leave Richmond and then there’s a few long ones as we push for the end.

Despite the wet soggy feet, Sid’s 3 blisters, Michelle’s 1, getting lost and walking up peaks higher than you can imagine we are still having a wicked time.  We’ve met some fantastic people along the way so far and even now we’re going to be sad to see it end.

Cheers for reading and hopefully you’ll get another brief update in Richmond.

Right…where’s that foot spa??

Sid and Michelle.


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Well done guys – keep going!

Comment by Calre Baldwin

Cheers Clare. Well we kept going and now we’re finished. Expect some blog posts once we get everything in order.

Comment by theshed

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