2 friends and the coast to coast walk

Off to a false start! by theshed
August 15, 2008, 11:46 am
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We’ve been planning this walk for days now.  Over the last week we’ve been knee deep in maps picking out routes and where we can go for a wild swim if the weather is good enough.  All our clothes and walking stuff has been laid out in the spare room ready to pack.  Generally it’s been like a military operation with Michelle making lists left right and centre and me squaring things away before we leave.

So we got up this morning and whilst Michelle was a little on edge I was strangely serene.  I knew we’d planned everything, there’s nothing we’d forgotten.  So we packed up, got everything in the car and headed off to work ready to head for my mam’s house straight after work.

We always forget something when we go away so it came as no surprise when Michelle messaged me saying she’d left her watch at home.  Oh well.

What came as more of a surprise was when I realised we’d left our walking boots at home.  Pretty essential bits of kit if you ask me!

So we’ll be having a little detour back to our house to pick them up.

I wonder what else we’ve left?


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