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Our Full Itinerary by theshed
August 8, 2008, 6:37 pm
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I know we put up a proposed itinerary a fair while ago but I just thought I should put up the full itinerary now that we’re getting close.  For those who are walking at the same time and happen to be in the same area then it would be great to say hi.  For those of you not walking then give us a call and see how we are doing.  We’ll probably relish the opportunity to talk to other people.  Also, if you don’t hear from us when we get back then feel free to send out Mountain Rescue!  Actually, don’t, we shouldn’t mess around with that stuff.  We’ll actually be leaving route cards with our B&Bs and calling ahead and letting our next B&B know we are coming.  Much better to be safe than sorry.

So here it is:

  • Friday 15th August
    • Drive from Kent up to Willington to see my family and chill out a little bit.
  • Saturday 16th August
    • Chill out a little bit at home.  I think I’ll be going with mam to scatter my gran’s ashes.  Michelle will hopefully be making some flapjacks and other goodies to take on the walk! 🙂
  • Sunday 17th August
    • We’ll be travelling to St. Bees.  A big thank you to my little sis Amy for driving us.  We just decided that it was too expensive to drive ourselves and pay for parking and taxis from the start and end of the walk.  We’ll be staying in Stone House Farm on Sunday night.
  • Monday 18th August
    • The big day, the start of the walk.  We’ll be heading from St. Bees to Ennerdale Bridge.  We’re not going to make it as far as Ennerdale though as we’ll be staying in Low Cock How Farm.
  • Tuesday 19th August
    • Ennerdale Bridge to Rosthwaite staying at Langstrath.
  • Wednesday 20th August
  • Thursday 21st August
    • Patterdale to Shap staying the night in Brookfield.
  • Friday 22nd August
  • Saturday 23rd August
    • The first of two rest days and by then we’ll probably thoroughly deserve it.  I’m guessing our feet will be a bit weary and will no doubt enjoy being out of the walking boots for a day.  Not sure what’s happening yet with this day.  We’ve had a few people say they might visit and keep us sane but we’ll see what happens.  I’m sure there’ll be plenty of people around.
  • Sunday 24th August
    • Back on with the walking socks and boots to head from Kirkby Stephen to Keld to stay the night in Butt House.  Apparently Doreen and Ernest have moved on which is a shame becuase I’d heard some good things about them.
  • Monday 25th of August
    • From Keld to Reeth staying the night in Old Temperance.  We haven’t got a website for those guys since they seem to play it old school.  We do have a lovely letter from the owner though.
  • Tuesday 26th August
    • Reeth to Richmond and our second rest stop to stay in Willance House for a couple of nights.
  • Wednesday 27th August
    • Rest day in Richmond.  We’ll be chilling and depending on the clothing situation we may be doing some washing.  Hopefully my mam will make it down for a visit with our chocolate labs.  I wish I could have a dog, they’re so cute.  Of course that means Michelle would have to have a cat!
  • Thursday 28th August
  • Friday 29th August
  • Saturday 30th August
  • Sunday 31st August
    • The final day, Glaisdale to Robin Hoods Bay.  😦  No doubt we’ll be excited and sad at the same time.  One thing is for sure, that beer at the end will be the best beer in the world. We’ll be resting and smiling the night away in The Villa. (Their website is actually www.thevillarhb.co.uk but it seems to be down. I hope the house is still there!)
  • Monday 1st Sept
    • Probably going to be a terrible day.  We’re getting picked up and we’ll head back to Willington to pick up our car, which will hopefully still be in one piece if we let my little sis drive it.  Then from there it’ll be the 6.5 hours drive back down to Kent.  No doubt we’ll be shattered, good shattered, when we get back and all too soon the reality of work the next day will sink in.

Hopefully on the way along we’ll be taking photos and if I get a chance I’ll download them and blog a little bit.  As a minimum I should be able to make some very brief updates depending on what my phone reception is like.  For very short updates you’ll be able to follow me on Twitter.

When we get back and recover we’ll download all the photos and geotag them so people can get a good idea of what to expect where.  Shell is also planning on keeping a diary so look forward to that.



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