2 friends and the coast to coast walk

Poles and pics by gleavem
May 19, 2008, 3:09 pm
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Wow it’s been way too long since we last posted! Apologies, but there hasn’t been much of relevance to post as we’ve been trying to get a bit of stuff done in the garden.

Anyway thought I’d update you on a few more purchases we’ve made in preparation for the C2C; we may not have been walking far, but we have managed a walk around the shops!…

1) Poles:Yes we finally bit the bullet and got some (1 each); our local Millets is closing down 😦  which means everything’s half price 🙂 Because of this we were able to teat ourselves to the Leki Ultralight Carbon walking poles, which should have been 50 quid each, but we got two for 50! Hooray! They are VERY light and I can’t wait to test them out on a good hilly walk!

2) Digital Camera: We have joined the digital photo world at last! Up until now we’ve either been using our mobile phones for pics, or my old Canon automatic! This should be a big improvement. As you know there’s A LOT of choice out there and it was difficult to decide which model to get. I did some research on What Digital Camera and they gave the Panasonic Lumix DMC FX33 top marks, so that’s what we got. Sadly they didn’t have it in black like I hoped, but I’ll survive. It’s so small compared to my old canon, and seems pretty easy to use so far…lots of different modes, but the intelligent auto seems to work ok for most things anyway.  I wonder if you’ll be able to spot the difference?

We are planning on walking again soon, a weekend near the cotswolds with Mark and Clare in a couple of weeks…so watch this space!


Hooray for Hills! by gleavem
May 3, 2008, 8:55 am
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Wow, how stunning is the Lake District!? The hills, the mountains, the lakes, the colours, the stone, the lambs, the weather. Well we had everything except good weather!

We travelled up to the Lakes in a very full little car; Hatti and I well snuggled up in the back with duvet and pillows, and the boot full of walking gear.

Day 1: After a little shopping in Keswick (wow that place has a lot of out-door shops!) we set off from Grange for Cat Bells. Starting off along the lanes and through the woods, we the wandered along the shore of Derwent water towards Cat Bells. It was a lovely walk, with a few scrambles and good sections of up-hill, however the weather was rather changeable and it soon became rather wet and breezy. It was great to reach the top…our first real peak! (even if its not a big one) Our descent lead to our first fall, as Dan took a tumble. There was no damage (except to his pride), but it wouldn’t be the last bruised ego.
Start of CatBells walk 2 Derwent Water from catBells top of catbells Up to the summit of CatBells

Day 2: High Seat was the target today, via Lodore Falls and Watendlath. We started off along the road to Lodore Falls, which were beautiful. Unfortunately we later discovered that we’d gone too far and should have turned off the road quite a bit earlier, which lead to some confusion later on. Nevertheless it was a lovely climb up over Gowder Crag and after some confusion around Hogs Earth and backtracking, we eventually found Watendlath Beck and followed if all the way to Watendlath. From here we turned East and headed up towards High Tove. The higher we got the worse the weather and ground got. At the top it was very boggy, there was no obvious path and no visibility! We persevered for a while, ate our lunch in the rain, had a little adventure putting my waterproof trousers on and then decided that for safety’s sake we should re-think our plans. So we headed back to Watendlath and over to Rosthwaite for a couple of pints in the Riverside Bar (complete with a massive dog!) Refreshed, we headed back to Grange along the Derwent and stumbled across a very impressive cave! Back at the cottage we dried off and warmed up and headed back to Keswick for Fish and Chips…yum!
Lodore Falls Bridge in Westlendath
Rather large overhang On the way to High Seat

Day 3: No walks today; after our very wet adventure yesterday we all had things we wanted to buy to be better prepared next time, like gaiters, trousers (instead of jeans) etc. So back to keswick it was for a little shopping trip, including a Pasty for lunch. We decided we should spend some time on the lake as we were in the Lake district; after an age figuring out what we should do, which boat to get and where to go, we plumped for a trip from Lodore to Keswick. The plan was to have a few pints and get the bus home, but we missed it so had a few more pints then got a taxi back instead! The boat trip was VERY VERY wet, shame because I can imagine on a nice day it would be fantastic!
Dan on the Boat Sid on the boat

Day 4: Home today; we woke to find the sun out – how unfair!? Sun on the day we’re driving home, but our annoyance was short-lived as the rain soon returned!

All in all we had a great, if a little (very) wet weekend and we cant wait to return! I think Kent will seem even flatter from now on!