2 friends and the coast to coast walk

To The Lakes! by gleavem
April 24, 2008, 7:21 am
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Hooray hooray we’re off to the lakes tonight for a long weekend with our friends Dan and Hatti. Planning on doing lots of great walks and generally having a lovely time with plenty of Port. We’re staying in a cottage in Grange, in Borrowdale – looks lovely. Come back next week for  full report of our Lakeland adventures! Only 7hours to go!


Shhhhhhopping! by gleavem
April 18, 2008, 5:04 pm
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This weekend, as mentioned below, we were in St Albans. A lovely town with plenty of shops and some great restaurants. We just fancied a random weekend away, but while we were there did a spot of shopping too! We bought ourselves a BIG rucksack each; maybe for walking when we build up the courage to carry all our stuff, but also for trips away and mostly for festivals…anyone who’s done the trek from car to campsite at many festivals knows the pain, and a big rucksack seems the least painful way to get everything from A-B. We both favoured the Berghaus models and went for similar versions, though mine is slightly smaller and meant to be better for girls 🙂 Also got some myself some spare boot laces (thought they could have given us them for free as we were spending £200, but alas no luck).

While we were away we did a nice little walk near St Albans…a circular starting at Lemsford, incorporating the Lea Valley Way and Hertfordshire Way (I think). A nice easy walk with good sights and views and some rhubarb for sale as a bonus!

Some recent photos… by gleavem
April 16, 2008, 7:57 pm
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Finally got around to uploading some recent photos…some from Canterbury to Ramsgate, some from camping and some from last weekend’s stroll near St Albans:

On our way to Canterbury:
Bus Mirror

Windy weather at Stodmarsh:

On top of the south downs:
On top of the South Downs

The campfire!

The river at Lemsford:
Lemsford River

Devil’s Dyke (not the one in Sussex):
Devils Dyke

Next on the calendar is Helvellyn !

Canterbury to Ramsgate completed and Wuthering Heights! by gleavem
April 2, 2008, 6:56 pm
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You may remember that a few months ago we attempted to walk from Ramsgate to Canterbury…we nearly made it, but stopped a few miles short at Sturry. This weekend we tried again and successfully made it all the way! We calculated it to be ~19 miles. It took us 9 hours door-to-door, but that includes walking to the train station, travelling to Canterbury and lunch…it was actually about 7 hours walking. We survived; weather turned out OK and we only had a little rain when we got to Ramsgate. Feet were complaining a bit by the end and we both had a couple of little blisters but nothing too bad. Only real problem was Sid’s ham strings which were pretty sore by the end and have taken a while to recover. We’re not sure why; maybe because it was soooooo flat, or maybe because we walked about 2 miles on very slippy paths around Stodmarsh which were quite hard work. Despite our little twinges we were very pleased to have completed this walk; a good one to tick off the list for us. Now well be aiming to complete the rest of the Kent coast. Here’s the approximate route we took.

Star moment of the walk was meeting a fellow walker, walking alone, camping and carrying all his kit…he told us he’d started at Gravesend and headed down the Weald way, we’re not sure where he got to or had come from that day, but he said he was now returning to Gravesend, and the whole walk was taking him 5 weeks! He also said he’d done the C2C in Jan/Feb, got frost bite and taken 4 weeks! He also assured us we didn’t need to worry too much about training on hills, just plenty of distance. He wanted to shed some weight so gave us his copy of Wuthering Heights he’d just finished…and we’re going to attempt to pass it on to another walker once we’ve read it!

Its my birthday and I’ll ask for socks if I want to! by gleavem
April 2, 2008, 6:24 pm
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It was my birthday last week – yeah! When people have asked me what I want, I’ve said socks or other walking stuff…and got some strange looks….socks!?!? But, thanks have to go to my mum and Julie who listened, accepted my strange ways and got me socks! And also to my sister Kathryn who got me two great tops 🙂

Thanks guys!!