2 friends and the coast to coast walk

A wet walk by gleavem
March 21, 2008, 9:23 am
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Inspired by Pete Stott’s amazing poem, here’s my feeble attempt at recording our recent walk in a slightly different style:

As spring-time drizzle surrounds our tent
Dawn chorus voices soon are spent
We make the choice ‘twixt walk and yahtzee
One we may regret quite quickly,
Wrapped in hats and coats and scarfs
We step out down the boggy paths
Aiming for the beacon high
We leave the tents far behind

Up the long and craggy slope
Slowly we toil with little hope
Of ever seeing peak or view
For mist and rain encroach a-new,
Reaching the top we cheer and clap
Then continue quickly, brief look at map,
Along the south downs way we toil
Our noses numb, our trousers spoiled

Meeting few other hardy fools
We trudge along like laden mules,
Descending gladly t’wards civilisation
Spirits raised by good conversation,
Ditchling is our target ahead,
A place to be watered and well fed!
We find refreshments in the White Horse
Settling down to watch England lose (of course)

Clothing drying, licked by flame
“Another drink?” “I’ll have the same”
Warm and toasty by the fire
Conditions outside still quite dire,
Resigning ourselves to our lazy fate
“We’ll complete the walk on a later date”
Provisions purchased for our dinner
A taxi home, the day a winner!



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Everyone a winner!!

Comment by John Willens

The character of the day comes through loud and clear. Keep walking, keep reading, keep writing. Have a great trip!

Comment by Stottie

Oh!love the poem! Very sweet, could do with a toasty fire right now, its snowing!!

Comment by Kathryn

Thanks for all the comments and compliments! You’re all very kind. Thanks for the idea Stottie. Happy walking all.

Comment by gleavem

Well done Michelle, I didn’t know you had it in you.

Comment by Hatti

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