2 friends and the coast to coast walk

Short Adventure Round Send by theshed
February 24, 2008, 9:30 pm
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I feel a little naughty writing this. Most of the time after our walks it’s Michelle who writes them up but this time you’ve got me!

Pretty much every time we go away for the weekend now we try and fit in a walk. Be it a long one or a short one we don’t usually mind as long as it’s a walk. So this last weekend we headed to Send in Surrey to meet up with Mark and Clare a couple of friends of ours and to our surprise they agreed to come along for a walk. They’re not really the walking types and they always usually find a way out of it. This time though they were being good sports and Clare grabbed a short walk from the Woking council website.

Since it was only a few miles we didn’t really go that prepared and I was wearing jeans and some trainers as we all were. Something we’d all regret quite quickly, me before everyone else.

Start of Send Walk

We actually forgot to take a photo right at the start so we took one about 5 mins in. Unfortunately for me I’d already stepped in a nice pile of dog doo do. It became kind of a theme of the walk, spot the poo! If I’d had my walking boots on I wouldn’t have cared but I had my trainers on! Arrrggghh!

Anyway, a little wiping of my shoe later and we went on and bumped into a guy with a lovely dog. He let us know that they direction we were going in we’d need wellies. We didn’t really believe him (oh how wrong we were!) so we pushed on.

It wasn’t long before we stumbled across what he was on about. A massive marshy bit just off of the river. I was all up for turning back and watching the rugby but Mark had decided he was well up for it and off he headed. You can see him blazing the trail over on the set of photos in Flickr. We eventually found a way round and continued on past Send church, up the hill and across the fields.

All in all it was a pretty good walk. Once we got away from the canal the risk of stepping in dog dirt lessened and when we found our way through the marshy bits it turned out to be a pretty good walk. There’s some lovely scenery round Send and on a dry summers day it would’ve been gorgeous. Next time we try it we might go more prepared.



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This was a funny walk…thanks to M&C for indulging our walking obsession! It was quite a bog-swamp adventure (Kathryn will know what I’m talking about!). Definitely worth persevering to find a way across the bog; a lovely stroll with great company!

Comment by gleavem

We both enjoyed the walk so much we are now converted and planning a second walk this weekend. Thank-you Sid and Shell for enlightenment!

Comment by Clare

Yeah! Welcome Clare! Happy walking this weekend, we’re hoping to do a couple too, but are having a bit of car trouble, so might have a bit of difficulty 😦

Comment by gleavem

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