2 friends and the coast to coast walk

My Walk to Work by theshed
February 13, 2008, 9:22 pm
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It’s taken me pretty much all night to get this video sorted so I hope you all like it! 🙂

I decided I would walk to work this morning, just over 6 miles in total. I also thought I’d bring you guys along with me.

Enjoy…oh and here’s the photos too.

After watching it back I’ve actually missed off the little bit as I arrive at work. Bugger. It’s taken me 4 hours to do just this so I might just leave it off. Also, sorry for the out of sync voice and video, I’m sure you’ll get over it.

Oh, and my description of the Viking ship is atrocious so here’s a bit more info.



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I was having a bit of a moment last night and was struggling with everything so I came back on today to actually put the link to the photos up and try to sort out the completely out of sync AV. YouTube has annoyed me so hopefully you’ll see it in Google Video soon.

Comment by theshed

I’m a bit jealous you did it without me babe, but I did have a lovely day off! Imagine how nice it would be on a sunny day!

Comment by gleavem

What a clever post. We love to walk a lot here too, and are perfectly situated that most everything we need is within a mile of our house. I love hiking through the swamps and am looking forward to that this summer. Need a better camera though.

Comment by starrydynamo

@StarryDynamo Why thank you. I just had a little mooch around your Flickr photos and it looks like you’ve got some lovely scenery over in North Carolina. It also looks like you’ve got a healthy interest in wine too so that’s two things we have in common!

I’ll look forward to tweeting with you soon!

Comment by theshed

[…] our head torches in our bags just in case. The route is a fairly easy one and if you’ve seen my video then you’ll know we’ve done it a couple of times. We got into Sandwich about 3:45pm and […]

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