2 friends and the coast to coast walk

Equipment ponderings by gleavem
February 4, 2008, 1:41 pm
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I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what equipment and clothing we still need to get and what stuff we’d like to get. This weekend I managed to buy some nice walking shoes (Merrell’s new Q-form shoes spcifically for ladies, these are the closest match). I’ve got a good pair of boots, but on some lighter walks they seem a bit of overkill, and I think it’s nice to be able to have a change every now-and-then. It’s taken me a good long time to find a pair that a) fit and b) i like…I know walking isn’t a fashion competition, but if I’m paying >£50 for some shoes I definitely want to like them! Thanks must go to the girl in Canterbury Field and Trek yesterday, who was very helpful, measured my feet properly and gave me some good tips.

Whilst we were shopping we were also looking for some new waterproofs. I’m not optimistic enough to think it wont rain in August when we’re C2C-ing, but obviously we’re hoping it wont rain much and will be warm. So we’re looking for some superlight, but reliable waterproofs… the Berghaus paclite is an obvious choice; I’ve tried on the Berghaus and it does have a good fit and is very light, but before I pay out ~£140 I was wondering what else of that ilk is available? Any recommendations?

Finally, there’s the issue of walking poles…there’s a good thread on the walkingplaces forum on these, which seems to conclude that they’re definitely worth having on hilly trips, but the big question is which ones?! Prices vary hugely, as does weight, style and functionality… how do you choose when you’ve never had one before? I don’t think my local Blacks will let me take some for a test-walk!

So many choices! I think we’ll have to plan a trip to a big store with plenty of choice so we can really weigh things up and make some decisions!



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I recommend the Mountain Equipment jackets, we’ve got the slightly heavier duty ones, but their paclite ones also look really good. Not sure if mainstream dealers sell them, but out local walking shop does them. Also as an added bonus they’re a British company. I think you’ll find them for the same sort of price as the Berghaus ones. Worth a look anyway.

Comment by Dan

Welcome Dan!! Thanks for the tip, I’ll look into them…good to have a recommendation.

Comment by gleavem

I remembered reading somewhere that Paramo stuff is really good, so checked it out on the web last night…

All I can say is I’d expect it to be good for that price! I think £250 for a jacket is a little over our budget! Can a jacket really be that good?!

Comment by gleavem

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