2 friends and the coast to coast walk

Shopping! by gleavem
February 26, 2008, 8:35 am
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My turn now…

On our way back from Send, we stopped at a big Cotswolds near Maidstone (Newnham Court Shopping Village).  We must have spent nearly 2 hours in there trying stuff on, mulling over jackets etc!  It has a good range of stuff and we couldn’t resist a few purchases.  I got some Marmot waterproof trousers (£50) – the only pair I’ve seen that have been anywhere near short enough for my little legs! and a Helly Hansen t-shirt in the sale (£12).  Sid spent rather more, getting himself some more walking trousers (zip-offs), a Berghaus T and some new trainers…you’ll have to fill in the details here dear.  Bill was a little shocking ~£220, but at least we got some stuff we needed and now we know where there’s a good-sized shop for the next time we’re feeling flush!

Also I tried on plenty of light-weight waterproof jackets and have decided on the Berghaus paclite. They had lots of choice…northface, marmot, rab etc, but I feel happiest with the Berghaus, its very light and feels good quality. Going to buy it off the internet though as most of the shops only seem to stock black, or maybe navy (how dull!) and I’m thinking red!  : )

Happy walking


Short Adventure Round Send by theshed
February 24, 2008, 9:30 pm
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I feel a little naughty writing this. Most of the time after our walks it’s Michelle who writes them up but this time you’ve got me!

Pretty much every time we go away for the weekend now we try and fit in a walk. Be it a long one or a short one we don’t usually mind as long as it’s a walk. So this last weekend we headed to Send in Surrey to meet up with Mark and Clare a couple of friends of ours and to our surprise they agreed to come along for a walk. They’re not really the walking types and they always usually find a way out of it. This time though they were being good sports and Clare grabbed a short walk from the Woking council website.

Since it was only a few miles we didn’t really go that prepared and I was wearing jeans and some trainers as we all were. Something we’d all regret quite quickly, me before everyone else.

Start of Send Walk

We actually forgot to take a photo right at the start so we took one about 5 mins in. Unfortunately for me I’d already stepped in a nice pile of dog doo do. It became kind of a theme of the walk, spot the poo! If I’d had my walking boots on I wouldn’t have cared but I had my trainers on! Arrrggghh!

Anyway, a little wiping of my shoe later and we went on and bumped into a guy with a lovely dog. He let us know that they direction we were going in we’d need wellies. We didn’t really believe him (oh how wrong we were!) so we pushed on.

It wasn’t long before we stumbled across what he was on about. A massive marshy bit just off of the river. I was all up for turning back and watching the rugby but Mark had decided he was well up for it and off he headed. You can see him blazing the trail over on the set of photos in Flickr. We eventually found a way round and continued on past Send church, up the hill and across the fields.

All in all it was a pretty good walk. Once we got away from the canal the risk of stepping in dog dirt lessened and when we found our way through the marshy bits it turned out to be a pretty good walk. There’s some lovely scenery round Send and on a dry summers day it would’ve been gorgeous. Next time we try it we might go more prepared.


“shadows are getting longer and my thirst is getting stronger” by gleavem
February 18, 2008, 9:31 pm
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….a great quote from Sid at about 3:30pm on Saturday! We’d been walking for about 4 1/2 hours by that point and there was a need to step up the pace to get back whilst the sun was still up!

Where were we? We were walking a 13 1/2 mile circular route starting from Devil’s Dyke near Brighton. Chosen by our friends Nathan and Clare (off walkingworld), we started about 10:45am from the pub at Devil’s Dyke and headed off along the South Downs Way to Beeding Hill car park, there we turned off and crossed many open fields, up and down a few hills in glorious sunshine, although it was freezing most of the time! A few highlights were… the great views, feeding the chickens and ducks, yummy picnic and a well deserved beverage at the end! A lovely walk, and great to get back to some long ones! Here’s a few pics, you’ll find the rest on Flickr.

Devils Dyke Circular Start
The start

Hungry Cocks
Feeding the chickens

Pointless Style

Most pointless stile award goes to…

Proud girls and confused Nathan

The girls pose while Nathan puzzles over the map

My Walk to Work by theshed
February 13, 2008, 9:22 pm
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It’s taken me pretty much all night to get this video sorted so I hope you all like it! 🙂

I decided I would walk to work this morning, just over 6 miles in total. I also thought I’d bring you guys along with me.

Enjoy…oh and here’s the photos too.

After watching it back I’ve actually missed off the little bit as I arrive at work. Bugger. It’s taken me 4 hours to do just this so I might just leave it off. Also, sorry for the out of sync voice and video, I’m sure you’ll get over it.

Oh, and my description of the Viking ship is atrocious so here’s a bit more info.


Hooray! Back on track with the walking! by gleavem
February 11, 2008, 12:34 pm
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We managed a walk this weekend, hooray! We have been particularly lame the last couple of weeks, as you may have noticed! My parents were visiting, and luckily they’ve been doing a fair bit of walking recently, so on Sunday we took a nice stroll around Sandwich.  We started from the Quay, and headed out on the White Cliffs Country Trail to meet up with the Saxon Shore Way.  We traversed the Royal St Georges Golf Course (avoiding any golf-related injuries) to arrive at the sea, walked along the coast a little and then turned back inland just before the Sandwich bay estate.  It was an absolutely beautiful day, glorious sunshine all the way, and not a cloud in the sky. We saw lots and lots of sheep and lambs (seemed quite early for lambing), but not as many birds as we’d thought, and also a chap in a microlite – he must have had some great views! We passed the Sandwich bird observatory and headed towards Worth.  Then it was decision time…lunch in Worth (two lovely pubs, but we were worried they’d be full) or lunch in Sandwich (lots of pubs). We opted for Sandwich as the thought of no lunch was too much to bear, especially as Dad hadn’t had any breakfast! So at Temptye Famrhouse we turned NW back to Sandwich.  All in all, we walked for 2hours, and our map measurer tells us it was ~5miles, so not a marathon, but at least it was something! Then we had a lovely lunch in the Red Cow, and an ice cream back at the car (mint magnums all round!).  What a nice day! Thanks Mum & Dad!


Equipment ponderings by gleavem
February 4, 2008, 1:41 pm
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I’ve been thinking a lot recently about what equipment and clothing we still need to get and what stuff we’d like to get. This weekend I managed to buy some nice walking shoes (Merrell’s new Q-form shoes spcifically for ladies, these are the closest match). I’ve got a good pair of boots, but on some lighter walks they seem a bit of overkill, and I think it’s nice to be able to have a change every now-and-then. It’s taken me a good long time to find a pair that a) fit and b) i like…I know walking isn’t a fashion competition, but if I’m paying >£50 for some shoes I definitely want to like them! Thanks must go to the girl in Canterbury Field and Trek yesterday, who was very helpful, measured my feet properly and gave me some good tips.

Whilst we were shopping we were also looking for some new waterproofs. I’m not optimistic enough to think it wont rain in August when we’re C2C-ing, but obviously we’re hoping it wont rain much and will be warm. So we’re looking for some superlight, but reliable waterproofs… the Berghaus paclite is an obvious choice; I’ve tried on the Berghaus and it does have a good fit and is very light, but before I pay out ~£140 I was wondering what else of that ilk is available? Any recommendations?

Finally, there’s the issue of walking poles…there’s a good thread on the walkingplaces forum on these, which seems to conclude that they’re definitely worth having on hilly trips, but the big question is which ones?! Prices vary hugely, as does weight, style and functionality… how do you choose when you’ve never had one before? I don’t think my local Blacks will let me take some for a test-walk!

So many choices! I think we’ll have to plan a trip to a big store with plenty of choice so we can really weigh things up and make some decisions!