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A truly amazing, inspirational post by gleavem
January 31, 2008, 9:39 pm
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…well that’s what I’d like to write! Apparently, (according to my knowing boyfriend, and he should know, he’s had many blogs, has a very addictive personality and is currently addicted to twitter!) I’m going through that difficult phase of blog ownership…addiction! I have to admit I do keep checking the blog stats, and feeling sad when there are no comments except my own : (    …which drove me to thinking I should write something amazing and inspirational to get more traffic and chat (hence the title) but, my knowing man told me confidently that you can’t force such things. This is my attempt to prove him wrong – I guess we’ll find out who was right when I check for comments and visits next (it would be wrong to beg for attention wouldn’t it!?).

In other news, our square is uniting against the council (they never suspected we’d actually speak to each other!). You see we live in a conservation area, and have recently received a letter informing us we must remove our satellite dish. We’re not the only ones to have a dish so we popped round our nice neighbours Barry & Justine to see if they’d received a nasty letter. They had and so have several other residents, so we’ve hatched a cunning plan to fight the bureaucrats! Just to clarify, we’re not heathens, we’re not anti-conservation, it’s just so ironic! You see there are MUCH BIGGER ISSUES in our square than some little satellite dishes, namely a parking catastrophe, hideous 1970’s flats on the other side, rubbish and dumped cars!! Does it sound like taking down a few dishes will suddenly make it an award winning square?! Will we suddenly not notice the cars, rubbish, flats, mud and gravel mess out side our doors!? Ooh it makes me angry! Especially as council tax is going up again and they’ve wasted more money sending out petty letters about satellite dishes! Anyway, back to the cunning plan…I’ve been round to the other dish owners to gather support, Justine is going to write a strongly worded letter, and we’re going to stand up for ourselves. If they seriously want us to take down our dishes, they are going to have to give us something in return!…maybe bins, a decent parking area, taking away dumped cars when we report them, or at the very least some consistency in their approach! Bring on the fight!

Normal walking chatter will return next week!



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My girlfriend the activist! 🙂

Comment by Daniel Siddle

I think sometimes people with power like to simply assert their power – hence the power play over a few satellite dishes. Just feel bad for them, that they can’t see past this to notice the bigger picture!

Comment by Donna

You had to go and prove me wrong didn’t you! Cheers for the comment Donna but now Michelle is going to rub it in my face that she got someone to comment!

Comment by theshed

Hooray! 3 comments, and none of them mine! : )
I like the pity them idea Donna…I think we may invite them round to have a tour, and see if they can still look us in the eyes and say the dishes are a problem!

Comment by gleavem

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