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Christmas Shopping in Bath. by theshed
December 11, 2007, 9:16 pm
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I was going to let Michelle post this but then she’s busy with another cake for a friends Christmas party so I doubt she would’ve ever got round to it!! 🙂

Anyway, we went off to Bath this last weekend. We usually set a weekend aside and do our Christmas shopping in one fell swoop. We end up going away and getting a B&B and making a little bit of a trip of it. It makes it a little bit more exciting and gets a lot of the drudgery out of Christmas shopping trips. We chose Bath because we’ve both been looking for an excuse to get back to Bath. It’s where we both went to University and there’s something about Bath that when you drive down the hill and peel off to the left, just before you hit the first section of the nightmare Bath traffic, you feel like you’re going home. Well, it does for us two anyway.

We ended up getting a lovely B&B called the Bay Tree House. We were a little apprehensive at first since it wasn’t en-suite but we soon got over that. The place was lovely. The landlady couldn’t have been more helpful and the breakfast was fantastic. I highly recommend it if you are thinking of staying in Bath. However, there was a for sale sign hanging in the window so it may be under new management soon so take care. Not only was it good but it was only a short walk from town which made it perfect for our shopping ventures.

The other thing we did was eat a lot. We had some great food and Bath is a fantastic place to fill your face. So much to choose from but we thought we’d give you a couple of handy hints. The first one is Yak Yeti Yak, a Nepalese place just off of Pulteney Bridge. For those of you as slow as Michelle was with the play on word try pronouncing it Yeketty Yak! I’d never been there before but it turned out to have some fantastic food and some great service. It’s right down underground but don’t be put off. It’s great. It is moving though so you may need to look it up. The other places we went to were Loch Fyne, which is nice but is fairly generic when it comes to fish restaurants. Michelle loves fish so I let her indulge her pleasure. We also went to Strada, which again is nice but generic. We also grabbed a cake from the Boston Tea Party which was very nice and is just next te Yum Yum Thai which is also a nice place to go for food.

Anyway, that’s all for now. Just thought I should drop in a more personal post so you guys can get to know us a little better. I also thought it would be nice to give people going to Bath a few pointers. Bath is after all a very good place to make a base if you are planning a walking holiday in the South West.



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Cheers babe…you’re so right, cakes take precedent at the moment! Nice summary, appologies to our readers that its not really anything to do with walking, but I guess its that time of year! We must try and do a few rambles whilst on our xmas and new year travels! …anyone know any good walks around Spixworth??

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