2 friends and the coast to coast walk

It’s Official, I Don’t Like Wind! by theshed
November 25, 2007, 6:41 pm
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We decided to combine two of our favourite past times today…walking and eating. There’s a really nice little cafe in Birchington, Birchington Ice Cream Parlour, and since Birchington is just round the coast from Ramsgate and there’s a coastal path that link the two we thought we’d give it a go.

If you fancy following in our footsteps and would like directions then the walk roughly followed the Thanet Viking Coastal Trail. The trail was originally designed for cyclists so there are some deviations but you’ll find your way OK. The joy about a coastal path is that you don’t really need directions…basically follow the coast but don’t fall into the sea.

We set off about 9:30am after the weather reports had said that it would be a fine day with a light breeze. Oh how wrong can they be? We walked along the clifftops of Ramsgate heading towards Broadstairs. This bit of the walk is one we do a lot since there is also a nice cafe, Cafe Bello, in Broadstairs and when the tide is out you can walk along the beach all the way to Broadstairs to grab a nice latte and a panini. Once you get past Broadstairs you head out past North Foreland Lighthouse and past Joss Bay. Then it’s through Kingsgate, round the Captain Digby pub and on to Cliftonville. Up to that point all had been well, then once we rounded the corner past the clifftop edge of the golfcourse the wind really took hold. It didn’t stop either. We must have walked for about 2 hours just head on into a really strong wind. I would go on and run you through the rest of the walk but a picture says a thousand words so you can have a look below.

Needless to say we avoided the sea-level walk and stuck to the top of the cliff!

Link to the photo set on Flickr.


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The last 2 hours were a bit tough…just constant wind, brrrrrrrrr! Worth it for the cakes though! Did we measure how far it is?

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