2 friends and the coast to coast walk

Walking must get you fit! by theshed
November 9, 2007, 10:48 pm
Filed under: exercise, inspiration

One of the reasons Michelle and I started this whole walking adventure was because I needed a challenge to spur on some weight loss. It’s all fair enough saying you need to lose weight but at the end of the day if you don’t have a reason to do it then you might as well not bother.

Whilst I was researching weight loss and the various gym routines and exercises that help you along the way I read a lot about something called LISS, Low Intensity Steady State. Basically it says that if you exercise at a low intensity then you’ll be able to exercise for a long time and therefore burn more calories.

So with this in mind on our second training walk, the longest one yet and the one Michelle promised she’d blog about but still hasn’t, I decided to wear my heart rate monitor to see how many calories I got through. And the results…

At just over the half-way mark we sat down in the pub and…

Break Time at Grove Ferry

…that’s right, 1655 calories. That’s pretty impressive even if I do say so myself.

Then at the end…

The final stats

…that’s 2984 calories after 6 hours of walking (we took 50 mins out for lunch) with an average heart rate of 113.  Not bad for a days work.

Anyway, that’s all.  I was quite chuffed so thought I’d blog.



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