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Itinerary – first draft by gleavem
October 21, 2007, 7:07 pm
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OK here goes, as Sid said we’re pretty much going to stick with Wainwright’s route and itinerary (whether or not he’d approve I’m not sure), and add in two rest days, this adds up to 10 days holiday from work…

August 2008:

  1. Friday 15th – Travel to Willington after work
  2. Saturday – Rest in Willington
  3. Sunday – Travel to St Bees
  4. Monday – Start walking: St Bees to Ennerdale Bridge (14 miles)
  5. Tuesday – Ennerdale Bridge to Rosthwaite (14.5)
  6. Wednesday – Rosthwaite to Patterdale (17.5)
  7. Thursday – Patterdale to Shap (16)
  8. Friday – Shap to Kirkby Stephen (21)
  9. Saturday – Rest in Kirkby Stephen
  10. Sunday – Kirkby Stephen to Keld (12)
  11. Monday – Keld to Reeth (11)
  12. Tuesday – Reeth to Richmond (11)
  13. Wednesday – Rest in Richmond
  14. Thursday – Richmond to Ingleby Cross (23)
  15. Friday – Ingleby Cross to Clay Bank Top (12)
  16. Saturday – Clay Bank Top to Glaisdale (18.5)
  17. Sunday – Glaisdale to Robin Hood’s Bay (20)
  18. Monday – Return home

What do people think?!



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Your itinerary looks great! The time of year and overnight locations are almost the same as experienced by my wife and I plus another couple from the States on a 14 day trek; age span 54 – 69. We met many people of varying ages and condition on the hike; two couples from Canada did the 14 day hike without any pre-hike conditioning (not recommended). I would do it again should the opportunity arise and I would definitely include a rest day or two; at 71 I need a day or two of rest occasionally.

I suggest that you take advantage of the Sherpa website forum and trail information if you are not doing so at present; http://www.coast2coast.co.uk/ubb/cgi-bin/Ultimate.cgi. The forum contains a lot of information from seasoned C2C walkers, many in the trail area. The various regulars can comment more knowledgably about all matters, including shoes, clothes, conditioning, B&Bs, food needs, foot care, etc. Chatter on the forum has slowed down since the C2C preferred season has come to an end but it will pick-up in the new year. The inclusion of rest days is a good idea if you have calendar time; we did not take any rest days but wish we had done so. You can shorten your first day by walking the five miles around St. Bees Head on Sunday, and pick up the trail for approx 9 miles to Ennerdale Bridge on Monday. Also, many walkers split the Rothswaite to Patterdale section into two days Rothswaite-Grasmere-Pattedale.

Even if you do not use Sherpa baggage transfer service, the site is a good resource for hike distances, available B&Bs, and elevation profile.

In planning your days, keep in mind that most B&Bs do not serve breakfast until 8 AM, making an early departure impossible. However, most will set out a self-serve cold, light breakfast (cereal, fruits, juices, bread,etc.) so that early departure may be possible on the longer days.

Good luck! You will enjoy the excitement of planning and the joy of making the hike. But the memories will be with you for a long, long period, and others will be envious of your accomplishment!

Comment by Russ Jackson

Oops, pardon my oversight. I’ve finally noticed that you have some good links, including the Sherpa site. But study all of the message board notes for some useful information, and occasionally some useless info.

Comment by Russ Jackson

Welcome Russ! Thanks for being our first external commentator! I’m definitely planning to use the forums to check out the best B&Bs in each village…any recommendations?

Comment by gleavem

Hello Mx! I will give the listand appropriate comments about the B&Bs we used. Most of the B&Bs on the Sherpa website contain feedback comments submitted to the website. I plan to lurk on your blog/website as you develop your plans. In addition, to posing your questions here you may also want to submit them to the Sherpa message board. I’m sure you will have responses in short order on the MB.

Comment by Russ Jackson

Russ makes some good points! I would strongly support including a rest day if you can. The 8am breakfasts is another good one. We missed a couple of breakfasts for the sake on knocking off the miles early and regretted it! The baggage service is a must!! We missed Mickledore Travel. Excellent service and super B&Bs!

Comment by Baz

We’ve got a couple of rest days in there. One in Kirkby Stephen and one in Richmond. Just enough to rest some weary legs but more importantly time to enjoy some good food, a nice lie in and a few beers. It is a holiday after all!

Comment by theshed

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