2 friends and the coast to coast walk

Finally I’ve been allowed to get involved. by theshed
October 15, 2007, 8:57 pm
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Even for those who know Michelle quite well you’ll probably not have noticed how much of a control freak she is.  Sorry darling…no offense meant.  However, she’s finally let me inside the bubble of excitement she’s been floating around in.  I was actually allowed to touch the potential itinerary spreadsheet she’s made…WITH MY HANDS!

It looks like we’ve made a decision, I think.  12 days worth of walking, 2 days worth of resting, 2 days worth of traveling and one bank holiday.  Start on a Monday, finish on a Sunday and that’s 11 days of holiday we need to take.

I’m actually starting to get excited but I’ll let Michelle tell you the full itinerary when she’s ready.  She’s probably going to be so secretive about it we’ll not find out until the day before.  I would tell you when we will start but I fear retribution for potentially giving people the upper hand when it comes to booking accomodation.


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Cheeky! I’ll post the proposed itinerary soon…it’s not final and still up for discussion though!

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